Key Points

  • Too much insulin goes hand in hand with some combination of overweight, hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and/or heart disease. This has been called "the deadly quartet" and "syndrome X." Paradoxically, diabetics have too much insulin (because of insulin resistance). Add high blood sugars to too much insulin and diabetic complications are inevitable.
  • The scientifically discredited  low fat, high carbohydrate diet worsens syndrome X (unless accompanied by improbable levels of exercise) because this diet raises insulin, the fat storage hormone. Check it out: The research is organized in Dean Esmay's Worlds Biggest Fad Diet, and in Chuck Fosberg's Adiposity 101.
  • Obesity, hypertension and heart disease are epidemic in America because 50% or more of America's calories come from refined products of agriculture such as pasta, bread, corn chips, potatoes and sugar that cause excessive insulin secretion and fail to provide the vitamins and minerals necessary for their metabolism. Consider that hogs are fattened for slaughter with low fat, high carbohydrate diets, and that Sumo wrestlers use such a diet intentionally to become enormously fat.  This is so obvious once you actually try it and prove it works in the laboratory of your body that it beggars the imagination that there’s a “controversy” about it at all – but then it’s not really a controversy, it’s confusion caused by the junk food manufacturers – or, in other words, advertising.
  • The remedy is to reduce carbohydrates until insulin falls. This allows the kidneys to release sodium and water, lowering blood pressure, and cause insulin's antagonist glucagon to be secreted which breaks down fat into ketones which are burnt for energy.
  • This is not some bizarre health fad but rather a return to the pattern of eating which prevailed during evolution.  Fat from eating fruit in the summer enabled survival in winter when only fish and game remained to eat.  The refined carbohydrates of agriculture have created a kind of endless summer which few of us are genetically equipped to survive.  There is much food for thought about this at the Paleolithic Diet page, and in Ray Audette's well-referenced book Neanderthin.
  • The usual suspects (animal fat, cholesterol-containing foods) have very little to do with it.  However, refined food manufacturers fund a massive nutrition research effort to divert attention from their most profitable food lines.  The tobacco industry employed such tactics, but food manufacturers are better at it - hence the USDA Food Pyramid.  Whatever happened to the USDA of the 1930s which advocated a high protein breakfast because this maintained the blood sugar for many hours longer than a donut?
  • The establishment take on Atkins basically acknowledges the above but condemns his diet anyway!  Check out the American Medical Association Atkins smear.

Books: buy them online at

Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, Richard Bernstein MD, Little Brown, 1997. Get this book.

Protein Power, Michael Eades MD and Mary Eades MD, Bantam, 1996. Good stuff on the health problems of mummified Egyptians which reveal that they had more syndrome X health problems the richer they were.

Sugar Busters, Leighton Steward et al, Ballantine, 1998. Best overview: clear, concise, short.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston A. Price DDS, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, PO Box 2614, La Mesa CA 91943-2614, (619) 574-7763, Become a member of this organization because they stand almost alone against the forces of ignorance and the promoters of degenerative diseases, and they are worthy of your support.

Your Body is your Best Doctor, Melvin Page DDS, Keats, 1972. Strong on observation of the causes of, and strategies for the elimination of dental caries

Lick the Sugar Habit, Nancy Appleton PhD, Avery, 1996; hypoglycemia and its remedies by a hypoglycemic; use the form in this book to order a test kit for salivary pH and urinary calcium.

Your Body Knows Best, Ann Gittleman, Pocket, 1997. Chronicles Nathan Pritikin's former Director of Nutritions journey from rabid low fat, high carbohydrate towards more protein, olive oil and unrefined, low-glycemic index carbs.  An entertaining and informative read.

The Type II Diabetes Diet Book, Calvin Ezrin MD and Robert Kowalski, Lowell House, 1997.  This book is worth buying for Ezrin's Chapter 14, Doctor to Doctor. This guy's on the cutting edge.

The Carbohydrate Craver's Diet, Dr & Dr Heller, Signet, 1991.  Interesting slant on carbo craving.

Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Robert Atkins MD, ?, 1997.  Robert Atkins' Diet Revolution was published in 1972 and rapidly became the most successful book in the history of publishing.  The American Medical Association trashed him and ketogenic diets in 1974, but he came back with with Dr Atkins' Health Revolution in which he refuted the AMA point by point.  Read anything by Atkins, he wrote the book (so to speak) on ketogenic diets; however, he liked his soy-flour pancakes and so forth and I believe they did him in.

The Saccharine Disease, TL Cleave, Keats, 1974. Out of print, but gives an epidemiological background consistent with evolutionary principles. Highly recommended if you can find it.

Pure, White and Deadly, John Yudkin, Viking, 1986. Could be hard to find, but this English pioneer researcher persisted in trashing sugar in spite of dirty tricks from the sugar industry, which he lays out in this book.

Clued-in Physicians

Dr Richard Bernstein, Diabetes Center, 1160 Greacen Point Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10453-4696 Tel (914) 698-7500.  Bernstein started life as an engineer, solved his diabetic complications with a low-carb diet, couldn't convince the doctors so he went to medical school at age 44 and qualified as an MD!  He also single-handedly sold the concept of glucometers to industry.  Without him, diabeteics would be in a far bigger mess than they are now.  An awesome dude.  Specializes in diabetes - if he can't get you on track, it's probably hopeless.

Dr Robert Atkins, dead now, but The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine is alive and kicking, 152 East 55th St, New York NY 10022. Tel (888) ATKINS8, Fax (212) 754-4284.

Michael Eades MD, Mary Eades MD, Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine, 7490 Clubhouse road, #103, Boulder CO 80301

Calvin Ezrin MD, The Ezrin Metabolic Center, 18372 Clark Street, #226, Tarzana, CA 91356. Tel (818) 996-3655

Dr David Allen, Longevity Center, 2211 Corinth Avenue, Suite 204, Los Angeles, CA 90064, Phone: 310-966-9194 – my doc.

Low Carbo Foods

The Atkins Center Online Catalog has quite a selection, including low carbo bars (vital for snacks, traveling etc), truly delicious cheesecake, and soy flour with recipes; also sells Atkins' books and supplements.  I believe that too much of this carp will probably kill you like it did Dr Atkins.

The Paleodiet site has sources for wild game meats.

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